Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm excited about a dish rack... weird.

How much time do you spend on any given day thinking about your dish rack? Probably none, but perhaps you should think about this one... Before you say, "Ack! You paid $70 US for a dishrack!?!" Let me just say that we bought it at Costco for quite a bit less than advertised on Simple Human's website. It's one of the best designed dish racks I've seen in a while.

A second shelf can be positioned to have a two-tier drying space over the rack, or vertically to support large items, or extended outward horizontally. There are four cup hooks that slide around the sides. The tray beneath it has two sets of drain holes so that you can position the whole rectangular shebang lengthwise or widthwise (is that even a word?) next to your sink. To prevent drips onto your counter, you can plug the unused drain holes with the included silicone plug. The tray also has extendible legs (very similar to a computer keyboard) that will tilt it in the direction required. Another advantage this rack has over others is that the pieces all come apart--the plate rack part is removable for cleaning, as is the knife rack insert & the cutlery bin.

Why did we buy another one, when we had a perfectly usable one? Our previous one was an oval-shaped solid plastic rack from Umbra. It was an sad case of function following form: aesthetically pleasing, but for the fact that it was hard to clean & tended to get scummy between the plate/bowl ridges. If you had large bowls, pots or wine glasses loaded onto it, invariably there would be a 'dishalanche' at some point during use.

I'm going to hang onto the Umbra rack, maybe for auxiliary use in drying paintbrushes & containers... sweaters? snow boots?

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Anonymous said...

I understand the allure of the perfect dish rack. When I found my completely stainless esthetically pleasing functional one I was thrilled. And at less $$ than most other places helps! 3 yrs & still going strong.

Enjoy your new rack.

Jen Jen