Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summertime.... & the livin' is easy...

Well, not so much. Summer is my busy season as gobs of ESL students flock to the city & to my school. & then there's the stilting. I tend to have a gig per weekend through most of the summer. Busy busy busy.

So little renovation has happened in the past few weeks. I have, however, actually unpacked a lot of my sewing room. FINALLY. The shelving donated by my lovely sister & brother-in-law has helped the organizational process immensely. Now I am actually getting inspired to sew! I've made a top for myself & a redux tee for a friend already. More projects are swimming around in my brain as I write this...

In other house-related news, our first house-guest has come & gone (We will miss you, Raine!) & we're already pencilling in the second batch of house-guests for next week. At least if we're not renovating the house, we're taking advantage of it. It feels good to actually use all the space we've got: stick a guest in the extra room, use the sewing room for making things, get out on the deck for barbeques & brew beer in the space under the front steps.

The beer experimentation has been interesting. The first batch of lager was... ummm... interesting. Not a lager fan, myself. The second batch will be a stout. Already promising, according to our taste-testing. Looking forward to cracking open some of it around my birthday in August.

Here is a link, house-related, of course:

Vancouver's Ugly Home Craze. City hall spawned weird new housing form: the 'Mohawk.'

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Anonymous said...

i did not know you are an esl teacher. something we have in common, maybe you can hook me up if we return to your side of the pond