Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day One.

And so it begins. This afternoon, we packed up various & sundry tools, dragged them over to the condo & set to work.

Oliver & I removed two layers of wallpaper from the master bedroom & most of the thick, painted-over textile-based wallpaper from the hallway. Although, honestly, we didn't take all of it off today: I gleefully ripped several swaths of the top layer of blue & purple rose wallpaper off the walls last night when we got the keys.

We've left the wallpaper in the bathrooms so far... but I don't want to keep it. The master ensuite has a black & shiny gold blobby pattern: oh so seventies. The main bathroom has a bizarre lumpy wallpaper that looks like it's made of string...

After donning cheap (but surprisingly effective--no sneezing at all) dust masks, we tore the one-inch-deep bright green shag rug into manageable strips & bagged it along with the disintegrating foam underlay. The second bedroom is now a shag-free zone!

Tomorrow we'll tackle the master bedroom carpeting. And the mouse poo left behind by the previous owner. Thanks, Frank!

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Anonymous said...

How can someone live with so much mouse poo in their cupboards? gross.
I did pick up a roller for a few minutes but I'm more into quality control than actual labour - sat in chair eating chips, enjoying view, chatting etc...

Super Sleuth (realtor to the stars)