Monday, March 20, 2006

Day Two (rhymes with mouse poo).

Sunday was productive, but didn't feel quite as satisfying. I guess because we were doing the messier, more detail-oriented work. Like scraping mouse poo out of the cupboards over the fridge. *shudder* We removed the last little shreds of wallpaper from the walls in the hall & master bedroom, then scrubbed them to get the 30-year-old wallpaper paste off.

The place still smells of old man & dog... I hope that's just the carpet in the bedrooms. Otherwise we're going to have to become air-freshener junkies.

The good news is: the parquet looks like it'll come up easily. Whatever glue he used is not particularly sticky now. Anybody want 300 square feet of slightly used parquet flooring?

Next step is to get rid of the last chunk of carpet in the master bedroom & spackle the walls. Oh, and patch the walls--there are at least TEN places where old Frank cut holes into the walls to access various wires & ducting. Instead of patching them with drywall once he was done, he tacked thin bits of masonite or card over them. The walls remind me of my patched jeans...

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