Tuesday, March 28, 2006

subfloor prepping

Last night while Lisa was in her German class, I went into the new place and did some work on the subfloors to make sure that we are ready to lay the hardwood flooring.

With the carpet ripped up and most of the underlay gone, I was left with row upon row of nailheads sticking out just a few millimetres from the floor. These nails are not in nice, straight evenly-spaced rows. No, they are in ragged bunches, like groups of little nail hooligan teenagers, just begging to be taught a lesson.

Now, it is possible that the sound-dampening underlay might just hide these by compacting a little more in those areas, but I wouldn't want to find out it wasn't enough while I was laying the actual hardwood planks down and have one or two of them bulging out at weird angles.

I tried prying up some of the nails, but they are big suckers, about 4-5 inches long and twisted like corkscrews. Easiest thing to do was nail them further down into the subfloor and cover any dents with levelling compound. Pity the poor downstairs neighbours as I worked, beer in one hand, hammer in the other, but it is all even and ready for the levelling compound and underlay, once the walls are painted.

Here's some history on the neighbourhood.

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