Thursday, April 27, 2006

laundry & sushi

I've tossed aside all thoughts of renovating in favour of doing laundry. I've done at least 4 loads in the last 2 days & I can't wait to do more. It's such a novelty having machines right there in my home. It's nice not to have to hoard quarters for the coin-op too. Simple pleasures...

Now, if we could just get the kitchen unpacked so we can actually eat here, that would be great. We've been subsisting on bagels, cheese, beer & apples. Plus sushi. There's a cheap sushi place within walking distance; we ate there last night. We had chicken yakiudon, chazuke, california roll, negitoro roll & endless cups of tea for $11.50. Including tip & tax. Kishu Island is one of those "japanese" places that japanese people don't actually go to, which is owned by someone called Nguyen & entirely staffed by people who are not japanese. Not exactly authentic, but cheap & tasty!

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