Thursday, January 24, 2008

One day we will all look back on this and laugh

So I own a house in Vancouver. A single detached home worth well over half a million- it is creeping awfully close to 3/4 of a million, which is what the owners were originally asking. I got it at a bargain price in comparison.

But it is a project! For starters, we have discovered active mouse and cockroach activity, as my recent posts indicate. Secondly, I have a furnace that is on its last legs, and a lower suite with a toilet that is about to sink into the earth with whoever seats themselves upon this underworld lord's throne. I am facing a million DIY jobs and some of them I am not capable of doing myself. I have to prioritize and make at least one of the suites ready to rent in the next month or two, or the payments will slaughter my ability to save any money at all. Fortunately I won a $500 Home Despot gift card from my employer to help pay for some immediate things.

On the plus side, I now have a handy garage, covered deck and I can skip stones and bounce them off of boutique shopping hipsters on Main St. Despite being closer to what I want, this place is the quietest place yet, as traffic drops to almost nothing at night. I am finally in a house in the neighbourhood I wanted to be in.

I think that my social life will suffer considerably, as the only priority is getting the house in order and I think it will take a year or two of all my weekends to achieve this.

This is the price you pay for Exile on Main Street- which just may be the last best album by the Rolling Stones, so all in all, it's not a bad place to be.

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