Friday, January 18, 2008


We're in, finally. After a gruelling 11-hour move, it's done. Now onto the unpacking & the surprises. So far there have been quite a few, some not so bad, some extremely frustrating. Here are the ones I can remember:
  • The front door lock is so sticky that you'd think you had the wrong key every time you try to open it.
  • There is a lot of mouse poo in the cabinets.
  • There are no power outlets in the back two 'bedrooms' of the house. A single bulb in the middle of the ceiling of each, with an accompanying oddly-placed switch is all the electrical they've got.
  • The hot water that comes from the taps is hot, really hot.
  • There are no bathroom fans.
  • The few electrical outlets in the house that we do have are set in the wall sideways & some aren't grounded.
  • The windows are only three years old.
  • The street we're on seems to be quieter at night than where we were before so I've stopped sleeping with earplugs.
  • We can't seem to get CBC with the rabbit ears, only Global.
  • The kitchen was really not clean. Bleagh.
Let's just hope that there aren't any worse surprises in store for us...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't cost much at all to re-key your locks, you might want to have that done. Or buy new deadbolts and install them. Paul took our deadbolt/handles off the doors, and took them to the hardware store, while I stayed home in the unlockable house, and had them re-keyed when we moved in.
If you turn your hot water tank down....the water will be cooler! I don't have any advice about the electrical though-you'll have to talk to Daddy.


Lisa Corriveau said...

UPDATE on the the electrical in the 'dens': We have discovered ONE outlet in the southernmost room. So I can actually plug in my sewing machine & a lamp! Woo Hoo!

Lisa Corriveau said...

Thanks, Wem. We will turn the h/w tank down. It'll save us a bit of cash as well as save us from permanently scalded hands.

We're probably going to redo the locks too, yeah. Might wait a bit until we replace the doors, which we're planning on doing fairly soon anyway.